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Happy Holidays !

To our esteemed clients, staffs, associate consultants and partners, we wish you a productive and prosperous new year.

Dr. Adera Abdela

Doctor of Transformational Leadership, Texas, USA

Managing Director

SAK Business and Personal Development PLC or


Tel: 0911-514422 or 0116-670883

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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Report on Personal Development Training For Children and Youth

  1. Background information

SAK Business and Personal Development PLC has conducted five rounds of personal development training for children and youth in the month of July and August 2015 in Addis Ababa.

The first training was delivered under the premises of Young Roots English School around semit area. 31 students attended and successfully completed the training.

The second and third round of training was given at Bole Preparatory school for 17 and 33 students respectively.

The fourth round training was given for 30 students around Shiromeda area.

The fifth round training was given from module 2 manual for those students that had taken the first round training. 18 students attended the training at Young Roots English School.

A total of 129 students attended the training program.

  1. Purpose of the training

To empower children and youth students manage themselves from the inside out, to assist them take personal responsibility in managing their life, foster a belief in their abilities and potential, develop I can do it attitude and self confidence.

  1. Contents/activities covered during the training

The training package on personal development has three blocks. SAK has given block one and block two training modules in the months of July and August 2015.


Each training block has its own purpose and is prepared based on the actual issues that needs to be addressed in relation to behavioral change. The actual attitudinal problems that are prevailed in the country has been well addressed in the training blocks.

The training contests in each respective training block include:

Contents of Block 1

Session 1፡ Personal Development (ራስን ማበልፀግ/ማሳደግ)
Session 2፡ Self acceptance (እራስን መቀበል)
Session 3፡ Self confidence (በራስ መተማመን)
Session 4፡ Self defeating beliefs and how to conquer them (እራስን ወደ ኋላ የሚያስቀሩ አመለካከቶችና መፍትሄዎቻቸዉ)
Session 5፡ Positive Thinking (አዎንታዊ አመለካከት)
Session 6፡ Appreciative Inquiry (የማድነቅ ክህሎት)
Session 7፡ Visioning and goal seating (ራዕይና ዓላማ/ግብ መተለም)
Session 8፡ Responsibility (ኃላፊነት መዉሰድ )
Session 9፡ Negotiation Skill (የድርድር ክህሎት)
Session 10፡ Time Management (የጊዜ አጠቃቀም ክህሎት)


Contents of Block 2

Session 1፡Communication skill የኮምዩኒኬሽን ክህሎት
Session 2፡ Giving and receiving feedback (ግብረ መልስ መስጠትና መቀበል)
Session 3፡ Active Listening (በንቃት ማዳመጥ)
Session 4፡ Emotional Intelligence (ስሜትን መግራትና መቆጣጠር )
Session 5፡ Value (እሴት)
Session 6፡ Team Work (በቡድን መስራት)
Session  7፡ Whole Person Paradigm (ሁሉን አቀፍ ራስን የማበልጸግ እንቅስቃሴ )


  1. Methodology used

Taking into account the learning styles of children and youth, the training program was conducted in a very interactive and participatory manner.

Suitable training methods for children and youth have been put in place. The training metods include:

  • Interactive presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Simulation games
  • Demonstration
  • Role plays
  • Story telling
  • Debating/dialogue
  • Field activity


  1. Evaluation of the refresher training

At the end of the training participants evaluated the training using a format prepared for the purpose.

        Summary of the final evaluation Result in %
NO         Evaluation point         Excellent         V.good         Good         Poor


Usefulness of the training

        94         6         -         -

Training materials and exercises

        80         20         -         -
        3         Methodology of the training         90         10         -         -

Your confidence to practice what you were thought in class into your life

        80         20         -         -

Trainers performance

        90         10         -         -


As can be seen from the table, large majority of trainees rated the training as excellent in all evaluation points with no any poor rating.

The evaluation depicts that the training has gained quite remarkable appreciation from the participants. The result indicates that the participants were satisfied by the training as they met their expectations.

      Additional Comments/suggestions of participants

  • The training is very attractive and motivational
  • The training managed to ignite our hope
  • We admire the methodology, the films, energizers and trainers performance.
  • Follow up visit after the training should be made to see the new improvements achieved after the training
  • The trainers’ performance deserves great appreciation.
  • The training helped me to boost my confidence
  • The training helped me to speak in front of people
  • The training motivated me to envision my future
  •  We recommend the same training to be given for our friends who do not get this chance.


  1. Closing event, funeral of I cannot do it and other self defeating mentality

At the closing event we have introduced what we call I cannot do it funeral. We have prepared a coffin and every participant child writes all self defeating beliefs in a piece of paper, put it in a coffin SAK prepared for this purpose and bury them together.

  1. Media Coverage

Considering the fact that personal development training for children at school level is new in its kind in the country, the initiative has captured the attention of various Medias in the country. The medias that have reported the new initiative include: FM 90.7 (Ethiopica link), sheger 102.1 (Endalk Ena Mahder), Sheger 102.1 (Tadias Addis), FM 101.1 (Bisrat Radio), Addis Ababa FM 96.4, Addis Ababa TV, VOA Amharic Program and Dire Tube. Click here to watch I cannot do it funeral video.

In addition, the initiative has been reported on Addis Admas weekly News paper and also on Capital English news paper.

Addis Admas

  1. Next steps

The training program has given us the opportunity to know how best children and youth learn personal development issues. We are planning to continue giving the training in week end classes in the new Ethiopian year.

The next steps of our move include:

  • Train our staffs video production to integrate digital clips in our methodology
  • Present our report and concept note to Addis Ababa Education Bureau, Ministry of Women, Children and youth, Addis Ababa Bureau of Women, Children and youth Affairs
  • Present our idea to selected private schools in Addis Ababa so that to run the program in Week end in their premises.

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Youth leadership Training Program (YLTP)


500px-Logo_Friedrich_Ebert_Stiftung.svg_SAK has facilitated a training program on Transformational Leadership training program for about 180 young leaders since year 2009 in collaboration with Fredric Ebert Foundation in Ethiopia. Youth leadership Training Program (YLTP) is aimed at building the capacity of young leaders through personal transformation techniques and approaches. The participants are selected based on their performance which they have to demonstrate in the assessment center organized for the selection purpose. The participants are drawn from political parties, civil societies and youth development associations.

The training program on transformational leadership has helped the participants build self awareness, self management, social awareness and social skills. The training has also helped participants build their self esteem and influence through assertive communication methods. In general the training program has brought personal transformation and paradigm shift of the young leaders.

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Messeage From The Managing Director


SAK is an abbreviation which represents Skill, Attitude and Knowledge. SAK aspires to be center of excellence in business and personal development through transfer of skill, attitude and Knowledge to bring about the lasting behavioral change in the lives of people. SAK strongly believes that it is a solution to business and personal development by challenging business as usual way of thinking and instead motivates people and organizations to introduce new perspective and paradigm shift.

Based on my long years of work experience in entrepreneurship development and business management as well as my educational background in transformational leadership and change, I realized that there is no significant difference in terms of IQ between executives in advanced countries and developing countries. This IQ difference is not adequately visible among individuals’ in developing countries like Ethiopia. It was generally accepted that the noticeable gap among individuals is the way they see the world which is influenced by their attitudes. As a result I was motivated to establish a company that deal with behavioral change of people and organizations by putting attitudinal change at the center stage. SAK came to being with such belief and spirit.

As a training, consultancy and research organization SAK gives due attention for attitudinal change of people and systemic change of organizations which ultimately brings meaningful and result based outcomes.

In my experience I came to know that attitudinal change requires continuous effort given its enduring nature as a result it is advisable to address children and youth at their early stages to avoid the resistance of adults which tend to stick to their old way of doing things and conditioning. Thus, SAK is going to establish personal development training center in the near future to shape and influence positive attitudes of children and youth with the motive of creating responsible citizens that bring tangible change in their countries and in the world at large.

Since the inception of our organization, we have signed more than 100 contracts with our esteemed customers and have proved to be a dependable consultancy firm which is attests by the letter of appreciation given to our firm in recognition of our effort.

We have responsibly coordinated and managed a number of large scale projects with our major customers like CDC, UNICEF, EU, GIZ, Save the Children, Fredric Ebert Foundation, SNV, ACDI/VOCA and others.

Few months left to celebrate our 10th year service delivery. Marking our 10th year anniversary we promise to renew our commitment with the spirit of partnership, value added service and need based intervention.

Adera Abdela

Founder and managing Director

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Research Services


Due to our capacity of managing well training and experienced staff as well as our strong connection with other researchers and institutes, We have been in a unique position to satisfy sectors needs and requirements concerning their perspective Research.

SAK has been proved as reliable partners by our customers including renowned international organizations including UNICEF. For more please click here to visit our achievements and click here to view some of our clients.

Our Research Services includes but not limited to

  • Identify research focus
  • Devise a plan of approach
  • Gather and process relevant data
  • Critically review the plan and the process
  • Clearly communicate the results

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With experienced and qualified professionals, SAK Training, Consultancy and Research Services provides Consultancy services for different sectors. Our Consultancy Services includes

  • Baseline Survey
  • Strategic planning development
  • Feasibility study
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Business plan development
  • Feasibility Study

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Training Service

SAK gives the following training package

  • Business Development : TOT and Direct Beneficiaries training
    • Entrepreneurship – Micro and Small Business Management
    • Competency based Economies through formation of Entrepreneurship (CEFE, GTZ Package)
    • Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB, ILO Package)
    • Women’s Grassroots Management (World Bank Package)
    • Business Development and Support (BDS)
    • Basic Business Skill (BBS)
    • Customer Care and Service
    • Know About Business ( KAB, ILO Package)
  • Personal Development
    • Leadership Skill Development for Professional Managers
    • Effective Team Building
    • Time Managment
    • Training Facilitation Skill
    • Communication Skill
    • Youth Leadership Skill
    • Conflict Management
    • Presentation Skill
    • Positive Thinking
  • Project Management
    • Project Design and Managment
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Project Appraisal Technques
    • Value Chain analysis
  • Education
    • Education Planing and Mangment
    • Curriculum Development
    • Teachers Training

Target participants

SAK programs designed in a way encompass people from low level educational background (Illiterate and Semi Illiterate) to high level professionals. Specifically the programs are designed to address the needs of grassroots community, MSEs, Youth Associations, Projec and Program Officers, Front Line Workers, Sales Personnel, Middle and top level mangers of any organization.


  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Participatory and Learner Centered
  • Practice Oriented and Learning by doing Techniques
  • Experiential Learning

Duration of The Training

  • 5-6 Days
  • Subject to agreed Duration

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Agro dealership training, mentoring and coaching service for SNV Ethiopia


Prepared training manual in English and translated into Amharic and conducted a five day training on business management (marketing, stock management, record keeping and human resource) for leaders of primary cooperatives (PCs) engaged in agrodelarship (input supplier) drawn from Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP. As part of the post training service, our firm has been providing mentoring and coaching support for the cooperatives that are involved input and chemical suppliers for small holder farmers in areas of the six pillars of a well function cooperatives I.e function, Finance and resource management, operation, member participation and benefits, management and governance and infrastructure. We have carried our capacity gap assessment/baseline and then prepared capacity building interventions based on the actual needs identified on the assessment. The coaching and mentoring support is a one year assignment which was started on March 2014 and will end in February 2015. The project is owned by SNV Ethiopia in collaboration with CARE Ethiopia.


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Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs Support Program for ACDI/VOCA


Prepared training manual on Business management and Leadership skills in English and translated in to Amharic. The training manual consists of four major modules namely:

  1. Basic Business Management
  2. Leadership Skill
  3. Communication and Networking skill
  4. Mentoring and coaching skill

After developing the manuals SAK has conducted a five days training of trainers course on the subject for project offices in charge of capacity building support for grassroots women business cooperatives in rural areas drawn from Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP. The client is ACDI/VOCA which is women focused business associations capacity building project funded by USAID.

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Women economic empowerment program with EU support


Technically led a six months women economic empowerment project funded by the European Union. The assignment included preparation of training manuals on entrepreneurship and hairdressing, conducting a 65 days training for 1150 unemployed women in Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Harar and Jigjiga. Our firm has managed the overall technical and administration tasks required to undertake the project. The project involved multi sector stakeholder such as Federal and Regional Women, Children and Youth Affairs bureaus, TVET, Cooperative development Offices and Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agencies and Micro finance institutions.

The overall objective of the project is to develop the entrepreneurship/business development and hairdressing skills of the targeted beneficiaries for self-employment and Income Generating Activities.

  Major outcomes of the training

  • Of the targeted 1150 participants, 1145 of them completed the training which constitutes 99.5%.
  • 8% of trainees scored above 50% in the post test exams which shows almost all participants improved their theoretical understanding of hairdressing.
  • 89 % of participants were competent on their continuous skill and competency evaluations which imply that significant majority of the participants have improved their hairdressing and beauty skills and competencies.
  • Large majority of the participants expressed their satisfaction over the training based on the feedback they have given
  • The participants perception towards value of work has been increased and they developed “I can do it attitude” based on the entrepreneurship and like skill training they have been given.
  • Participants learned the concept and saving and investment. Significant majority of participants opened saving book and deposited money from their daily transport allowance. Like for instance, each participant in Harar saved Birr 2000 individually while each participant in Jigjiga saved 1000. In Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa majority of participants saved considerable amount