Messeage From The Managing Director

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Messeage From The Managing Director


SAK is an abbreviation which represents Skill, Attitude and Knowledge. SAK aspires to be center of excellence in business and personal development through transfer of skill, attitude and Knowledge to bring about the lasting behavioral change in the lives of people. SAK strongly believes that it is a solution to business and personal development by challenging business as usual way of thinking and instead motivates people and organizations to introduce new perspective and paradigm shift.

Based on my long years of work experience in entrepreneurship development and business management as well as my educational background in transformational leadership and change, I realized that there is no significant difference in terms of IQ between executives in advanced countries and developing countries. This IQ difference is not adequately visible among individuals’ in developing countries like Ethiopia. It was generally accepted that the noticeable gap among individuals is the way they see the world which is influenced by their attitudes. As a result I was motivated to establish a company that deal with behavioral change of people and organizations by putting attitudinal change at the center stage. SAK came to being with such belief and spirit.

As a training, consultancy and research organization SAK gives due attention for attitudinal change of people and systemic change of organizations which ultimately brings meaningful and result based outcomes.

In my experience I came to know that attitudinal change requires continuous effort given its enduring nature as a result it is advisable to address children and youth at their early stages to avoid the resistance of adults which tend to stick to their old way of doing things and conditioning. Thus, SAK is going to establish personal development training center in the near future to shape and influence positive attitudes of children and youth with the motive of creating responsible citizens that bring tangible change in their countries and in the world at large.

Since the inception of our organization, we have signed more than 100 contracts with our esteemed customers and have proved to be a dependable consultancy firm which is attests by the letter of appreciation given to our firm in recognition of our effort.

We have responsibly coordinated and managed a number of large scale projects with our major customers like CDC, UNICEF, EU, GIZ, Save the Children, Fredric Ebert Foundation, SNV, ACDI/VOCA and others.

Few months left to celebrate our 10th year service delivery. Marking our 10th year anniversary we promise to renew our commitment with the spirit of partnership, value added service and need based intervention.

Adera Abdela

Founder and managing Director

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