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Our organization adopts lean and mean management style that works with few but efficient internal staffs and many associate consultants. The company consists of 7 permanent staffs and 87 associate consultants. Personnel of our organization have been certified as management and development consultants in the field of financial management, organizational development, and Leadership and management areas.



Mr Adera Abdela / Managing Director

Mr. Adera Abdela is Managing Director of SAK BPD PLC. He has Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership and change (completed with distinction) from Greenwich University of UK and consists of 18 years of experience. He is certified management consultant, an international advisor in leadership and business management from CEFE international network based in Germany.

He has served as master trainers and national coordinator in different development projects. He has facilitated more than 150 training programs both locally and abroad. His transformational leadership development facilitation skill is recognized by University of Washington.


Mr. Kassa Awoke/ Technical Advisor

Mr. Kassa Awoke is MBA holder with 20 years of experience, certified management consultant. He is technical advisor of management and leadership for SAK PLC. He has facilitated a number of leadership and management training programs for the last 12 years. He has coordinated and managed various projects which we have been commissioned by our major clients such as UNICEF, UNIDO, CARE and CDC Ethiopia.


Mr. Mesfin Murga/ Business Development Technical Advisor

Mr. Mesfin Murga is MBA holder and has 20 years of work experience in senior managerial positions. He is Business development technical advisor for SAK BPD PLC. He is certified management trainer and has delivered and coordinated a number of training programs. He has undertaken several consultancies and business development services for various client organizations such as UNCEF, UNIDO, Save the Children, Abt associates Inc, John Hopkins University.



Mr. DEMELASH GIZACHEW holds MA in rural development (India) ;B.A. in Economics (A.A.U, 1990) and , certificates and graduate diploma on Urban Development and Land Management (India, 1999), and is  currently working as freelance consultant .He was country representative and General Manager of Swedish consulting company of ORGUT, based in Addis Ababa. In addition to his educational background, he has acquired sound knowledge in WASH, involved as program planning expert, project evaluation team member and socio-economic study aspects. He has long years’ experience in both urban and rural socio-economic development issues, urban and rural linkages, trade, investment and marketing systems, economic structures and diversifications; cooperatives and community based integrated natural resource management, small holding farmers and rural livelihood development. As a consultant (representing ORGUT) and a team member, he has carried out the program planning for WASH-BG, in Benshangule region, development and preparations of monitoring and evaluation of TBIWRDP for MFA, in ANRS. As senior consultant he also carried out consultancies in the field of rural poverty, land and property management, hinterland and regional, Local Economic Development study of Addis Ababa, Harar and Dire Dawa ,project preparation of small town development program. Many of the  assignments have included activities related to preparation of socio-economic baseline survey, assessment and in-depth analysis of social, economic  development strategy, preparations of training manuals and on job training, institutional building of Rural communities, cooperatives projects for sustainable livelihoods improvement, system development for rural land property valuation, and compensations, resettlement and rehabilitation program of pre-urban areas . UNDP, UN-Habitat, the World Bank, Sida and GTZ are among the clients.

Mr. ZELALEM ANTENEH/ Social Development Programs and Micro-finance Institutions Expert

Mr. ZELALEM ANTENEH, MA degree in Development Studies and BA in Applied Sociology. He has also received ample international and local training courses in the areas of: rural and community development, microfinance, social and economic policy analysis and gender issues. He has more than 23 years of experience in coordinating and leading private sector and social development programs and micro-finance institutions. To mention few, he has served as Grant’s Development Manager for CCF Ethiopia, Project Officer with an environmental-sensitive ILO’s Women Fuel-wood Carriers’ Project. As a consultant, he has served in the areas of environmental socioeconomic studies, project design, project/program evaluations, baseline surveys on children and disadvantaged social groups, gender issues, micro-credit, livelihoods promotion, and enterprise development in such organizations as Sasakawa Global 2000, The World Bank, ILO, UNDP, Swedish SIDA, Save the Children UK and a couple of other local NGOs. In brief, he has strong analytical skills, familiar with government procedures with excellent communication and trainer/facilitation skills, wide range of experiences working harmoniously with international and national consultants with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.



GIRMA KEBEDE is holder of MA degree in Development Studies and BSc Degree in Agricultural Economics. He has received numerous relevant and versatile trainings abroad and inland. He has work experience of more than 25 years. He has led, coordinated and taken part in various development projects. Among the many experiences he has a few are: coordinating and conducting numerous local and international trainings in various areas of development related programs for different government and NGOs. Facilitating and conducting training on project management, urban development, marketing, advocacy & net-working, participation, monitoring & evaluation, team building, HIV/AIDS prevention and control with various government and non-governmental organizations. Conducting various projects studies and preparing short, medium and long-term development plans. Conducting evaluation/impact assessment/studies/ and consulting institutions on organizational development and change management. Apart from his full time engagement, he has carried out countless training and consultancy services on Monitoring and Evaluation, Change Management, Agricultural Marketing, Team Building and Leadership, Project Proposal Development and Management and others for different government, Local and International NGOs. UNICEF and Hope Enterprises are few, of the many clients, who received his consultancy services.



Ms. NARDOS BERHANU has Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership and Change form University of Greenwich, London and BA Degree in Management from Addis Ababa University. She has attended numerous trainings such as gender mainstreaming in development works, Planning and implementation, Monitoring and evaluation, Project proposal development, Youth development, child psychology and general counseling, team building, conflict management, critical thinking in decision making, group dynamics and problem solving, cultural development in organization and effective communication.  She has work experience of 20 years. She has worked in multidisciplinary organizations varying from government to NGOs assuming different positions such as program coordinator, Communication manager. She has carried out numerous studies and conducted countless trainings on Gender, Transformational leadership, Positive thinking, strategic planning process and like for various government, private and NGOs.  Hope Enterprises, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation and ACDI/VOCA are few clients whom she has delivered her consultancy services to.


YOHANNES NEDA is holder of MBA and BA in management and has experience of 12 years. He is working as senior consultant for SAK Consultancy and Training Services. He has attended various trainings such as Leadership Development Program given by the UNDP and Training on Change Management by the ECSC. Most of his experience is enriched with lecturing Management and development courses, coordinating, conducting several trainings and engaging in research and consultancy undertakings. He has developed and revised lecturing materials in Management and development and other courses such as communication. He has conducted many rounds of trainings on Change Management, Transformational Leadership and Coaching, Strategic Planning and Management, Strategic Business Planning, Team Building, Visioning and Strategic Thinking, Conducting Effective Meetings, Materials Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Service Delivery and others to various public and private organizations and NGOs. Besides, he has carried out research and consultancy services for different client organizations. Concern Ethiopia, COOPI (Italian NGO) and ACDI/VOCA are few of clients that have received his professional services.


HIWOT AYDIKO has MBA and Bachelor of Education Degree in Business Management with work experience of 8 years. He is Senior Training Coordinator for SAK Training and Consultancy Services. He is certified as local advisor of Entrepreneurship and Business Management by CEFE International. He has attended different trainings such as Transformational Leadership, Feasibility Study and Business planning. He has conducted several rounds of TOT (Trainings of Trainers) and direct trainings on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Transformational Leadership, and Communication, etc for Save the Children, Abt Associates, Mercy Corps, etc. He has served as Local Capacity Builder for SNV Ethiopia representing SAK and rendering Mentoring service for different agro dealers (Cooperatives and individuals) supported by SNV Ethiopia. He has participated as management assistant in ENICEF sponsored Training of Master trainers in Community based nutrition. He has facilitated and trained Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship training delivered in AA, Diredawa, Harer and Jigjiga sponsored by the European Union.


SAK has 87 associate consultants in various fields of disciplines and we work with associate consultants in project based employments as per the demand of our clients.

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