Our Work

SAK have rendered its services to different NGOs, Government organizations, Civic associations and gained remarkable appreciation from its clients.

Training Related Services

Type of training Client
1. Training of trainers on entrepreneurship and Business Development Service (BDS)
  • SNV and CARE Ethiopia (GRAD project)
  • Mercy Corps Ethiopia (USAID)
  • PATH International (USAID)
  • GIZ-Engineering Capacity Building Program (ECBP)
  • Addis Ababa Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency
  • Amhara Region Trade and Industry Bureau
  • Amhara Micro and Small Enterprises Promotion Agency
  • Dire Dawa Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency
 2. Entrepreneurship Development
  • European Union-Micro and Small Enterprises Project Support Unit
  • Dire Dawa Women entrepreneurs Association
  • Mekelle women entrepreneurs Association
  • GTZ International Service
  • Prison Fellowship Ethiopia
  • Save the Children-USA
  • Meserete Kristos Church-Relief and Development Association
  • Mary Joy for development
  • Pro pride
  • Enda Ethiopia
  • Sidarta Foundation Belgium
  • ACORD Ethiopia
  • Mechanical engineers Association
  • Jimma University
  • Addis Ababa Administration Education Bureau
  • Mekelle Chamber of Commerce
 3. Business Development service (BDS)
  • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and sectoral Association.
  • Ethiopian chamber of Commerce and secteral association
 4. Business Planning and financial management for non finance managers
  • Abt Associates (USAID project),
  • Amhara Micro and Small enterprises development Agency
  • Initiative Africa
 5. Transformational Leadership, Time management and communication skill
  • Italian Cooperation(COOPI)
  • ITEC Ethiopia (USAID)
  • Fredric Ebert Stiftung (FES)
  • Save the Children-USA
  • Care Ethiopia
  • Family Health International
  • Hope for African Children Initiative
  • World Learning
  • World Vision
  • Pro pride
  • Kaliti Food S.C
  • Rotary Club Addis Ababa
  • Construction Design S.C
  • Harara Brewery
  • Dire Dawa Food Complex
  • Combolcha Textile
  • Awassa Textile
  • Middle Awash farm Development
 6. Team Building
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Organization)
  • Save the Children – USA(Finance team, Admin team, Awassa branch team)
  • DON Boscow Silesian mission
  • John Snow INC(USAID)
  • ICAP Ethiopia(CDC)
  • Abt associates (USAID)
  • Pro pride
  • Gift Trading P.L.C
  • Vision –organization for community development
 7. Youth leadership and personal development (life skill)
  • Fredric Ebert Foundation
  • Rotary club
  • Save the Children-USA
  • Pro Pride
 8. Export Marketing
  • CBI (Netherlands Government program based in Rotterdam dealing with the promotion of imports from developing countries)
 9. Project planning and management
  • CDC Ethiopia
  • John Hopkins University JHU-TSEHAI
  • Italian Cooperation (COOPI)
  • Save the Children-USA
  • Pro Pride
  • Southern Ethiopia Youth Association
10. TOT on Life Skill
  • CARE Ethiopia

Consultancy services and Business Development Related Services

Type of training Client
  1. Prepared business plan for different clients
  • Family milk processing company
  • Blen foto shop
  • Savastopol furniture,
  2. Development of Training manuals on entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, team building, strategic plan, business plan, BDS, project planning and management and others
  • CDC,
  • Mercy Corps,
  • PATH International
  • CARE Ethiopia,
  • Concern International
  3. Feasibility study of Milk Processing Plant
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Agency)
  4. Moderated milk value chain CG meeting and worked as local capacity builder
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Agency)
  5. Moderated Local, Regional and International Workshops
  • SNV
  • Fredric Ebert
  • CARE Ethiopia
  • CARE Australia
  6. Feasibility of potential businesses that can be conducted by OVCs and their guardians in Addis Ababa and Debre zeit
  • Save the Children –USA,
  • SCALE-UP Hope program
  7. Feasibility of marketable Income Generating Activities that will be executed by youth beneficiaries in Lideta Sub City
  • LIVE Ethiopia Association, local NGO
  8. Training needs assessment on women entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa, Ambo, Awassa and Dessie
  • Enterprise Ethiopia
  9. Impact assessment of Entrepreneurship trainees in Addis Ababa and Ambo
  • Enterprise Ethiopia
 10. Training manual development on leadership, customer handling, team building
  • Sharp PLC
  • Pro Pride
  • Save the children -USA
 11. HR manual and organizational structure
  • Ethiopian Olympic Committee
 12. Advised on Business Development Service (BDS) on small business management, business counselling, facilitation of finance, working promises, business plan development, in 7 Woredas of South Wollo, Amhara Regional State.
  • Amhara Region Micro and Small enterprises Development agency and the project is fully funded by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
 13. Financial Policy, Regulation, Rules and Procedure Manual development
  • Addis Ababa CBO’s like Ed’r and other civic associations
 14. Training, supervision and coordination of Community Based Nutrition (CBN) in 77 woredas of Amhara Region

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